Lights in the Sky
Haunted: House a Love Story
A love letter to the mysteries of the world. A conspiracy-nut radio-show host is abducted by his biggest fan, but she has a secret that might change the world.
Available to read here.
Haunted House: A Love Story is horror comic featuring a sentient haunted house as the main character. After its love is unrequited, it seeks vengance. 
Available to read here.
The Envelope
No Happy Endings in Rapture
A psychedelic spy comic of trauma and action. The best of the best is forced to live in her memories. Can she escape? Written by Eddie Klinker.
Available for purchase here.
A mini comic inspired by the world of Bioshock. A man tries to find his family while a city and collective sanity crumble around him.
Available for purchase here.
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